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  • Ann-Marie Reacord

Video killed the radio star

I love The Buggles' 1979 hit, 'Video Killed the Radio Star', it's fascinating how history echoes in today's digital world with a fresh narrative. Now, it might be more apt to sing, 'Video has outshone the static post star.' The meteoric rise of TikTok, along with Facebook and Instagram Reels, underscores a pivotal shift: video is not just an option but a necessity for capturing customer engagement in our visually driven era.

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So why is video content is taking centre stage, leaving traditional static posts in the wings. Platforms like TikTok have revolutionised media consumption, transitioning us from still images and lengthy text to dynamic, concise, and engaging video content. Not to be outdone, Facebook and Instagram introduced Reels, swiftly becoming essential features on these platforms.


But what fuels this shift towards video? The answer lies in video's ability to grab and maintain attention. Through motion and sound, videos express emotions, narrate stories, and forge a connection that static posts struggle to achieve.


Consider the experience of one of my clients who was initially reluctant to embrace video marketing. After some persuasion, they produced a brief 2-minute video introducing team members who were attending an upcoming event. The outcome was nothing short of spectacular - a 3500% surge in engagement compared to their regular posts. This wasn't just a stroke of luck; it was a clear demonstration of video content's compelling impact.


As someone who personally grapples with the idea of video content creation (I hate hearing my voice replayed or seeing myself on screen), I can relate to the initial reluctance. However, the remarkable success experienced by my client is a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of stepping out of our comfort zones.


So, how can small businesses harness the immense potential of video? Here are some invaluable tips for creating captivating video content:


  • Conciseness is key: In a world of short attention spans, your videos should be brief yet memorable.

  • Embrace authenticity: Authentic content creates a stronger connection than any polished, scripted video.

  • Narrative power: Ensure each video tells a story, whether it’s about a product, your team, or your brand ethos.

  • Keep up with what's trending: Keep up with the latest trends and integrate them into your videos for greater relevance.

  • Incorporate subtitles: Many viewers watch videos on mute, so subtitles are essential to convey your message.

  • Content planning: Spontaneity has its place, but a well-thought-out content plan ensures consistency.

  • Experiment and evolve: Try different video styles and formats, and analyse audience responses to refine your strategy.

Overlooking video in today’s marketing mix is akin to ignoring a key ingredient in a winning recipe. It’s a compelling medium that, when utilised well, can drastically enhance customer engagement. If the radio star could transform into a video sensation, there’s no reason we can’t do the same.

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