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  • Ann-Marie Reacord

New Year, New Goals

As the new year rolls in, it's often a time for reflection and setting new goals. Unlike many, I haven't been one to jot down New Year's resolutions. However, this year, I'm breaking my pattern. Being self-employed brings its unique set of challenges – there are no annual reviews or line managers to keep me on track. So, I've decided to hold myself accountable with some resolutions, or let's say, aims for the year.

1. Embracing the world beyond my spare room

My routine as a freelancer typically involves the morning school run, followed by hours in my spare room / office before the afternoon school run. This year, I'm determined to break free from these four walls more often. Whether it’s working from the cozy corner of my local Costa or attending networking events, I'm ready to seize opportunities for fresh air and fresh perspectives.

2. Practicing what I preach

It's easy to advise others on marketing strategies, but this year, I’m committing to applying these strategies to my own business. Growing my client base is a priority, and to achieve this, I need to start implementing the very ideas I advocate. A key step is introducing mentoring/coaching as a service, offering a straightforward way for clients to tap into my marketing expertise, especially for those who handle their marketing but need a nudge in the right direction.

3. The power of video

I've always emphasised to my clients the importance of video in boosting engagement, yet, I've shied away from it myself. The truth is, like many, I'm not a fan of seeing myself in photos or videos. However, the evidence is clear: video works. One of my clients, after much hesitation, ventured into video creation and saw a staggering 3500% increase in engagement. It's time for me to overcome my reservations and embrace the effectiveness of video content.

4. Mastering the art of organisation

Last, but probably the most important! In my quest for enhanced productivity, I'm also focusing on being more organised. I've dabbled with various online to-do list tools, but none seemed to resonate with my workflow. I know I'm old-fashioned, but there’s something about a handwritten list that feels right. However, this preference has often led me to a maze of lost notes in countless notebooks or a flurry of post-its that seem more chaotic than helpful.

This year, I'm streamlining my approach. I’ve invested in a dedicated daily to-do list notebook, and I've already noted down this week's tasks so it feels promising. With this approach, I hope to plough through my tasks with more clarity and focus, ensuring that I stay on track and, more importantly, on top of my game.

As I roll out these resolutions – from getting out more to mastering a traditional to-do list – I'm aiming for a year that's not just productive, but also more balanced and grounded. Each goal is a step towards making my work life not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. This isn't about grand transformations; it's about fine-tuning the daily grind and finding joy in the small improvements. So here's to a year of realistic goals, practical changes, and hopefully, a lot fewer lost post-its!

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