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Proven marketing strategy expertise

My name is Ann-Marie Reacord

Over the past 26 years in the digital realm, I've transitioned from a developer to specialising in client management and digital strategy. My experience is diverse, having collaborated with notable names across sectors, including the Department for Education, National Crime Agency, City & Guilds, the RNLI, Royal College of Physicians, and Kingfisher Group.

With an English degree in tow, I find satisfaction in the nexus of effective writing and technology. My training in business analysis ensures I'm adept at pinpointing core business needs and tailoring them with marketing strategies for impactful outcomes.

What's at the core of my approach? Genuine understanding. I'm committed to grasping the true needs of organisations and their users, spotting challenges, and offering grounded solutions to meet them.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with over 40 brands spanning 10 distinct sectors. For a glimpse into my diverse portfolio, here's a snapshot.


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