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Crafting tailored marketing strategies 

Photo of Ann-Marie Reacord, freelance marketing strategist

Are you struggling to find a marketer or need extra marketing help?

I'm here to fill that gap for you.

I am a passionate digital and marketing strategist who thrives on the intersection of technology and creativity. Starting my journey as a developer, I have evolved my skillset to embrace client management and strategy, cultivating a broad perspective and a deep understanding of digital.


Navigating the digital landscape requires a strategic approach tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to revamp your online presence, dive deeper into market analytics, or bridge the gap between your brand and its audience, my suite of services is designed to deliver results. Explore below to discover how we can collaborate to amplify your digital impact.

Elevate your business with expert outsourced marketing services

Cost-effective approach

Discover the financial savvy of engaging a freelance marketing strategist. Benefit from the adaptability of an external service, often more affordable than the expenses associated with hiring and maintaining a full-time employee. This not only conserves your budget but also aligns with your unique business needs.

Speedy lead times

Leapfrog over your competitors and supercharge your business growth. By partnering with a seasoned  marketing strategist, you bypass the time-consuming and costly processes of recruitment, training, and compliance with employment laws. This enables a more rapid and efficient deployment of marketing strategies, putting you ahead in the race.

Innovative insights

Inject a burst of creativity and fresh perspectives into your growth strategies. An external marketing strategist brings a wealth of diverse ideas, blending industry insights with innovative approaches. This fresh viewpoint can be the catalyst for new strategies and solutions, driving your business forward in exciting new directions.

Nina Kelly - CEO, Safe New Futures

Ann-Marie has worked with us over several months, and her ability to understand our quite complex service and distil our messages into concise but inspirational communications is superb. Ann-Marie is conscientious, easy to work with and above all cares deeply about the quality of her work and about the outcomes we are trying to achieve. I would highly recommend her."

Want to know more?

Get it touch to see how I could help you grow your business 

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